Casteron Secondary College is proud to partner with Healthy Minds Education & Training to provide the Healthy Minds program to our school community.

Consisting of student presentations, classroom lessons, parent education and staff training, the Healthy Minds program is based on award-winning research from Flinders University. 
It has been scientifically evaluated and shown to prevent or reduce risk for the onset of symptoms of anxiety, depression and eating disorders.

The Healthy Minds program includes:

- A framework for thinking about, and managing, their personal wellbeing. This is an integrated, holistic, and evidence-based model called the Wellbeing Wheel.
- The link between wellbeing and performance. Being mentally healthy and maintaining high levels of personal wellbeing results in more focus, motivation and energy for optimal performance.
- The purpose and function of emotions, and how to manage them including specific cognitive skills (The Helpful Thinking Process).
- How perfectionism can impede our achievement, and what to do about it.
- How to be critical consumers of the media (including social media).
- Self-compassion - a powerful practice that is vastly more important than self-esteem.
- The power of gratitude as a means to increase wellbeing.
- That stress is neither good nor bad - it is about having the right amount of stress at the right time, and what you do about being 'over-stressed'.
- Personal values and learning from the wisdom of others.

Healthy Minds & Wellbeing Wheel